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The Most Important Thing

6-3-18 by Pastor Sean Rajnic

From the Dark of Night . . . & Put on Your Sunday Clothes

5-27-18 9 AM by Pastor Tim Smith

5-27-18 10:45 AM by Becky Rupp

More Than a Bag of Bones

5-20-18 by Pastor Sean Rajnic

Children, Youth and Young Adult Sunday

Our Plan or God's Plan

5-6-18 by Rev. James Labala

Portraits of Easter

4-22-18 @10:45 by Jimmy Law

Palm Sunday

3-25-18 by Pastor Tim Smith

Life on Mission

3-18-18 by Pastor Sean Rajnic

Broken & Beautiful

Life on Mission

The Power of Silence

1-28-18 by Rob Stoner / Jimmy Law

Having the Chronos to Notice a Kairos

1-21-18 by Pastor Sean Rajnic

Life Changing Encounter

1-14-18 by Pastor Tim Smith

Baptized and Beloved

1-7-18 by Pastor Tim Smith