Leaders @ St. Mark's   (as of January 29, 2017)

Board of Trustees

Open Meeting on the 3rd Monday

@ 6:30 pm

Chair - Jim White

Jo Ann Barton

Diana Blace

Derek Boyer

Troy Drohan

Nancy Fink

(3 Opportunities to serve, contact Rob Stoner)




Finance Team

Open Meetings on 2nd Tuesday every other month

Chair- Denny Brandt

Finance Clerk/Secretary - Janice Schell

Asst. Financial Clerk - Joi Garner

Treasurer - Marjorie Yeich

Asst. Treasurer - Dwight Bomberger 

At large: Ken Gephart


Audit:  Bill Bower, Bob Huff

Endowment: Bill Bower, Robert Brubaker,  Ken Gephart, Bon Huff, Daryl Whittle


Leadership Team

Open Meeting on 3rd Wed. @ 7 pm

Dan Bosse - Chair

Diana Blace - Lay Leader

Jim White - Trustees

Carol Walmer - PPRT

Denny Brandt - Finance

At Large: Adam Kitchen, Janessa Rempala, Dave Schell, Rupert Taylor



Pastor Parish Relations Team

Closed Meeting @ 6:30 pm Mondays 

Todd Allen - Chair

Diana Blace - Lay Leader

Nicole Bomberger

Jamie Boyer

Kathy Bower

Marge Rineer

Cindi Selph

Carol Walmer

Darryl Wittle

Steve Fiorello